Android – Facebook audience network 不出現

在APP中加入了 Facebook 的廣告系統


nError:code_1203, errorMsg_No fill.

We are not able to serve ads to this person. Please refer to

If you are integrating Audience Network for the first time, you can use test ads

至於產生 Facebook 廣告的程式碼如下:



必須要該裝置有安裝 Facebook App ,並登入 Facebook App 後

在其他APP的 Facebook audience network 廣告系統才會有廣告可以提供 

When testing live ads, we see the error “1001 no fill”. What does this mean?
This means we are not able to serve ads to this person. This could occur because:

The person testing has not logged into the native Facebook app on their mobile device
The person testing has enabled “Limit Ad Tracking” (iOS only) or has selected “Opt out of interest-based ads” (Android only) in their device settings.
We don’t have ad inventory to show for that person



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